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The Domaine du Temple and Tiberet

The first written evidence of Tiberet dates from 1167 and 1174 but it is in a charter of 1184 that it was stated that Sainte Marie de Tiberet belonged to the Templars of the Commandery of Sainte Eulalie of Larzac (Cernon) in Aveyron and that it has as Prior a certain "B…". This deed was signed in the house of the Templars in Lodève.

In 1224 a deed was signed at the Château de Cabrières in favour of the Templars of Pézenas represented by their Commander, Bernard De La Case, establishing a donation from Adalaïs of Cazouls and of Cabrières, widow of Imbert of Cabrières, on a plot ready for construction at the base of the cliffs of the château, which became the « Domaine du Temple ».

Le rocher où s'élevait le château au moyen-âge

A charter from 1239 refers to a donation of terrain for a garden on the land of the Saint Rome de Cabrières, by William of Cabrières to Pierre Ferrier, Commander of the Maison du Temple of Pézenas. The same William of Cabrières ceded to the Templars of Pézenas and Déodat, still Commander of Cabrières, the part of Garsende of Thezan, a piece of land at Saint Rome in 1246.

In 1266 the chapel of Tiberet went to the episcopal domaine.

In 1307, the Pons Saint Privat gave to the Grange de Cabrières of the Order of the Templars two fields of barley. After the arrest of the Templars during this same year and their suppression by Pope Clément V in 1312, the properties of the Order were transferred to the Order of the Hospitalier of Saint Jean. The Chapel of Tiberet paid the « tenth to the King », as taxes to the King in 1323.

In 1490 Tiberet belonged to the Seigneurie of Neffiès.

A ruling by the court of Montpellier, in 1605, fixed the limits between Neffiès and Cabrières. Tiberet then belonged to Jean Génebrousse, Lord of Conas.
In a Land Registry from 1610 you will find for Tiberet: A Château, a field, a cow-shed, a pidgeon loft, three grain mills (powered by the sources of Tiberet), land, gardens, and woods. Jean de Génebrousse, owner of Conas, died in his château on October 20th 1673. In 1680 Joseph Génebrousse, the son of Jean Génebrousse, Knight of Nages and owner and Lord of Tiberet created a list for the commissioners of the Royal domaine, and declared that the land and the château should be purchased by the Lord of Aspiran.

Les nouveaux cépages

Jean Gabriel of Thézan, Lord of Aspiran became owner of Tiberet in 1711. The House of Thézan conserved the Tiberet untill the revolution in 1789. The family Coste took over the property of Thézan as well as the Domaine du Temple towards 1876.

Between 1928 and 1932 there were negotiations regarding the well of Tiberet from which two thirds went to the village of Fontès, where the water flowed by gravity, feeding the Reservoir Basin, the remaining third constituting the sole water ressource of the Domaine du Temple.

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