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The soil

Souche de Grenache The vinyard called "Le Domaine du Temple" covers roughly 18 hectares, and each individual field is surrounded by holn-oak, cane-apple and chestnut trees, whilst around the higher fields we find thyme, lavander and rosemary. These are the aromas that we can sometimes detect in our wines. Souche de Cinsault

It is here
on these dry hillsides, where the reflection of the sun on the shist turns the small flat stones to sparkling silver, that the five varieties of grapes, (Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache and Mourvèdre) develop their strength and character, thanks to a production limited from 30 to 60 hectolitres by hectare.

Jeune vigne sur terroir shisteux
Profiting from
this unique dry microclimate, the vinyards of the "Domaine du Temple" are protected from problems such as grape worm and apart the rare years of exceptional rainfall, from mildew as well. This means that we can limit the treatment of our wines to a bare minimum, allowing us to produce a wine as natural as possible. The Languedoc Roussillon being one of the rare regions in France where the adjunction of sugar to increase the alcool content is prohibited, the wine-growers can count on the excellent and generous, sunny climate to bring these grapes to perfect maturity. A reality for this vinyard that is unfortunately a dream for many others.
Souche de Mourvèdre

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