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The wine making process

Picked bunch by bunch by hand, aged in oak casks for the Chateau Tiberet, the elaboration of these wines respect several centurys of our traditional wine making, helped of course by more modern methods, such as the temperature control system used to produce the rosé wines.

Vendanges manuelles
The red wines

The Syrah, grenache, Mourvèdre or Carrignan grapes are picked by hand (as are all the grapes in our winyards). When they reach their full maturity, they arrive undamaged at the wine-cellars where they are either pressed in their entirety (in bunches) or destemmed before pressing, depending on the wine elaborated. Of course, the grapes are picked and pressed by type and by vinyard.

Déchargement du raisin entier

The amount of time the grapes macerate varies from several days to several weeks, with a regular draining and refilling of the tanks, to ensure a complete harmonisation of colour and tanins, before being pressed by a horizontal press. The wine is tasted daily while it macerating and only when each type has reached its full, balanced maturity will the process end. Only after the juices have reached the end of this "malo-lactique" fermentation will they be blended to form the different appelations, a final marvelous moment before the young wines go to the casks to mature.

Les cuvesThe rosés
At the "Domaine du Temple", the rosé wines are obtained after a very short maceration (several hours). After lowering the temperature of the must, it is filtered before low temperature (16°-17°c) fermentation. This process lasts for about two weeks. The rosé wines do not have a "malo-lactique" fermentation.
Mise en bouteille sur le domaineThe bottling process
All the wines produced by the domain are bottled at the farm, to garantee their authenticity from the vinyards to the bottle. We use a mobile bottling factory to ensurie this final and very important phase of our production.

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