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And now come in to our wine cellar and taste the nectar that we have prepared for you, for the pleasure of your palate and your nose!

Our wines

Etiquette Baron de NagesBaron de Nages:
A blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes (70% Grenache, 30% Syrah). The grapes are stripped of their stems before their short maceration of five days. A red wine with a medium ruby robe. A strong nose with hints of prune and macerated fruits, and a mellow blend of tannins. A rounded wine, easy to drink, with an agreeable fruity after taste.
Cellar Price: 4.1 Euros per bottle
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Etiquette Jacques de MolayJacques de Molay:
The last master of the Knight Templar has lent his name to one of our more prestigious wines. A blend of Syrah (80%) and Mourvèdre, macerated 21 days by complet bunches (stems and grapes). A cherry-red robe with a slightly violet hue, which indicates it’s apptitude to ageing. This ‘cuvée’ has a characteristic aroma of candied fruits, which we rediscover in the mouth. A well balanced, fresh red wine which is ideal to age.
Cellar Price: 5.1 Euros per bottle
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Etiquette Chateau TibéretChâteau Tibéret:
For the Château Tiberet, we use only the old vines of Syrah and Mourvèdre yielding 35 hectolitres by hectare. These grapes are macerated by entire bunches, (stems and fruits) for several weeks, after which the wine is matured in oak casks. A cherry-red wine with a slightly woody nose. Aromas of cinnamon and dried fruits, with a slight hint of spices in the mouth. A delicate vanilla after-taste.
* 1 star
in "guide Hachette des vins 1999".

Cellar Price: 7.1 Euros per bottle
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